SoundSource Design


Sound design brings a moving pictiure alive. It gives motive, reason and context for what would otherwise be a very static experience.

SoundSource Design has an extensive library of SFX, and the facilites to record audio if the project requires a more bespoke approach. Then when the project reaches the stage of installation, we set up a mobile system on location so as to ensure the creative vision is upheld.


From years of working in the live field, we have the knowledge and know-how to transfer the creative vision into a practical reality. This means knowing how to integrate with the technical suppliers, and if required, leading them to understand the concept and how it needs to be catered for.

Having also a personal relationship with the best live audio suppliers in the UK also means we are able to contract and manage your installation to the required specifications your design requires.


Sound design & 5.1 cinema mix


Sound design for a 60m dual sided video screen

Sochi Cinema Hyde Park Excel Center, London
for 'Sochi Park' the Winter Olypics '4D Experience'.
Hyde Park, London
SSspacer Through use of separate speaker zones, audio 'follows' visual action from end to end.
Excel Centre, London
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