SoundSource Design


The creative audio design's seamless technical integration with a live show or event is essential.

Knowing that live schedules can be tight and demanding, it is well understood that preparation is the key to it all running smoothly and flawlessly.


SoundSource Design's experience covers a broad spectrum of events including showcases, inaugurations, award shows, sound design and mixing for the cinematic exprience of surround-sound.

If bespoke audio is what your event requires, we can cover everything you need from pre to post audio production.


Multitrack playback


Multitrack playback & FOH mix


Audio editing/compiling

Southhook Inauguration Theatre Show London Meydan, Dubai
The inauguration of Southook Gas Plant by HRH The Queen & the Amir of Qatar.
Southhook, Wales
Theatrical & musical showcase with live and recorded elements.
Hackney Empire, London
The 'Gala Spectacular', Meydan Racecourse for the Dubai World Cup, to a 100m video screen, fireworks, gigantic floats & more!
Dubai, UAE
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